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HEPA Filter Manufacturer and Supplier

SBRG Cleantech’s primary objective is to provide best solution for Air Filtration products for clean room.

SBRG Cleantech gives clean air to the industries like Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Data Centers, Museum, Food and Pharma Industries etc.

Air Filters are build to reduce number of airborne particles of different sizes. These are designed to protect human health and wellbeing, safe production as well as operating reliability.

We are providing best air filtration product,system and solution to protect people and environment and following ISO 16890/EN-779 Standard for Course, Pre & Fine Filter.

SBRG AIR Filters provide : 

  • Filter 10 Micron
  • Bag Filter 10 Micron 
  • Aluminium Wire Mesh Metallic Filters
  • Fine Filters 1, 3, and 5 Micron 
  • Hepa Filters and Semi Hepa Filters 
  • Mini Pleat Hepa Filters 
  • Mini Pleat Gel Seal Hepa Filters 
  • Filter Housing with Grill
  • Knife Edge Housing 
  • OT Plenum 
  • Hepa filters and Terminal Housing